Why did Gregory Aziz buy National Steel car?

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National Steel is one of the oldest yet the best engineering and manufacturing company in Canada. It was started in 1912, meaning that it has been in active operations for over a century. It is based in Hamilton, Canada. It is one of the best-performing companies in the whole of North America also. Its leadership has everything to do with the success that is ongoing. National Steel Car is no ordinary firm in the region; it has a history as a reputable production company. It is widely known for producing railroad freight cars. It was initially started to supply products to the biggest railways corporations at the time such as Pacific Railways.

National Steel Car is built on a foundation of providing high-quality products. It is one reason that has made it succeed in the industry for so long. The company is doing very well as a production company and has everything going its way under the current leadership. Although the company is performing very well, things have not always been rosy for the company. When Gregory Aziz, the current CEO was acquiring NSC, it was performing dismally. He came in as the force that would change things. Before that, the company was under the management of Dofasco, an owner who did not achieve so much success with the company.

Gregory J Aziz acquired this company in 1994 after he bought it from Dofasco. He introduced new ways of doing things that led to a revival of the business operations for the company. National Steel Car now has a production capacity of over 12000 railroad cars every year. It was an increase from the lower production levels of 3500 before he took over. He has shaped the company and has given it a name in the industry than any other management team before him. Gregory Aziz is a shrewd businessman and an entrepreneur. He is a brilliant economist who could turn things around for any company.


Greg Aziz is from Ontario, Canada. He was born in 1949. He bought this company because he knew the potential it carried. He knew the company was underperforming and that if it was well managed, it would be one of the best. He did exactly this for the company. He made sure that the company became the best in just five years of his leadership. Production capacity had shot up, and the client base had also improved.