Vijay Eswaran sharing all he knows so that to empower other people

Published on Author RM2000

In the 20years that Vijay Eswaran has been in business, he has made good use of the unique and compelling business philosophy to ensure that the direct sale of QI Group will be successful. By making good use of the motivational speeches, articles, and books, millions of people have learned from his philosophy. The philosophy is straightforward in a way that it teaches the people of how they can be able to succeed, paint the picture of the success and make the necessary steps to get the picture into reality. The result the Vijay Eswaran has obtained from following the above step is incredible.

Vijay lived in an area that people were all working class that is in Penang, Malaysia, he inspired to be the same too, and he made good use of the philosophy to assist in getting into London School of Economics to get the socioeconomic degree. The same thing he has used it in the building of his company to what it is right now making him the wealthiest man in Asia. He is so willing to teach others on how good philosophy is and how it can be the best in achieving the success. The team at IQ Group knows about philosophy because it was shared to them by Vijay Eswaran once they joined the company.

So that to reach as many people as possible then Vijay Eswaran had to write books that will educate the people on how they can tune their minds to want success. The books that he has written they include In The Thinking Zone, 18 Stepping Stones and On The Wings Of Thought. The books talk about how people need to know that fear is a roadblock and it’s so familiar that will prevent people from achieving their success. The articles that he has written talk about how people can make good use of fear to gain more advantage.