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Are you on a big hunt for event planners in New York City? Well, chances are, you won’t have a problem finding any, but you may have an issue when it comes to deciding which one is worth hiring. When it comes to hiring an event planner, you’re likely looking for someone to relieve your from a pretty big, time consuming job. If you want to make sure the person or company you hire is quality, then you’ll need to take a few steps in this hiring process before deciding on the ideal candidate for your event.


Start your process by making a list of important factors for your event. Is the party being held for someone in particular? Will there be a theme? Is there a venue? These basic questions you ask yourself will help the planner understand your expectations a bit better. Understanding your budget is a huge factor as well. If you know what you want to spend, than it’s important to share that with your potential planners to see if they are going to be able to give you what you need within your means. The rest is mostly research because you’ll need to hear what other people have to say about the companies in your area. Testimonials and reviews are the perfect way to find out who’s reputable and who’s not. Use social media to ask friends who they recommend as well because people will gladly share experiences.


One of the best event planning companies in New York City is called Twenty Three Layers. They are famously known for having beautifully themed parties and events, whether they are big or small. They are a full service company, taking care of any and everything you need to throw the perfect event. You will absolutely love the samples of their work all over the internet.

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  1. Once you’ve interviewed your top two, you’ll likely have an idea of which planner you want to go with. They are clearly reputable, and well known throughout the country. You can’t go wrong with Twenty Three Layers. It is very important that do the best in what they know for it’s so important.