Todd Lubar, Real Estate Investor Interviewed

Published on Author RM2000

Todd Lubar is an investor in real estate who has made a name for himself as President of TDL. He has been in real estate for more than two decades now. Lubar has not only distinguished himself in the real estate sector, he has experience in the banking, construction and entertainment industry as well.

Typical Day

Todd says his day begins in the ordinary way: breakfasting with his children. After breakfast, he checks his inbox and goes through news items. Afterwards, he works out and then prepares to go to work.

Bringing Ideas to Life

Without the will power to do something, it is not possible to achieve much. Todd believes that where there is a will there is definitely a way. His experience in real estate and will to do better led him to mortgage banking and hence TDL. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

Exciting Technology

Todd Lubar says that remote functions in the house are a great feature. Lighting systems, air conditioning and other automated features in the house are quite refreshing. With the camera set up around the house, Lubar says he is able to check his house on his phone when he is not close.

Worst Job

Todd Lubar says that he worked in a grocery store while in high school. It was his first real experience with money and what it can do. This was however not his idea of a good job.

Change or Improvement

Todd says that if he were to start over, he would choose friends and colleagues more wisely. It’s better to have people in your life who challenge you and help one to grow.

Recent $100 Quality Expenditure

As shared on Hackronym, Todd says that his fitbit is one of the new investments that he is happy about. He says it does allot, though it is outdated.

Good Read

Todd Lubar says he likes ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’. This David Schwartz book talks about making the most from life situations and circumstances. Readers learn to grow in irrespective of their circumstances.

Work and Education

Todd worked at ‘Crestar Mortgage Corporation’. He also had a position at ‘Legacy Financial Group’. Lubar also worked at ‘Maryland Legacy Financial’. Lubar holds a B.A in speech. He also majored in communication.