Todd Lubar Provides Mortgage Solutions through Low-Interest Loans

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It is true to say that the idea of a new house or home is exciting. True as it may be, house hunting is not as fun. From dealing with credit clearance to settling on a comfortable environment for family, house hunting has its challenges. The most unsettling bit in the whole process is credit approval and affordability. House hunting requires an excellent real estate agent, who is attentive to details. That is why a guy like Todd Lubar is well celebrated for his revolutionary skills in the real estate business. Todd Lubar’s career in real estate dates back to 1995. He graduated from the University of Syracuse having majored in communications. Todd’s fascination in assisting people with settling in beautiful homes led him to pursue real estate business. His first trail in career began in Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. At Crestar, Todd mastered the art of conventional mortgage banking and took it upon himself to save people through offering low-interest loans. Visit linkedin for more details about Lubar.

Legendary Properties LLC

With his passion for providing easy and affordable ways of acquiring homes, Todd delved into relationships with most insurance estate agents, financial planners, real estate agents and CPA’s. To this date, the relationships he created continue to blossom. His skills in the real estate business further manifest when in 1999, he accepted a position at the Legacy Financial Group as an equity agent. The position allowed him to expand his skills in the business. Todd used the position to broker loans and investors while lending money through banks as a direct agent. When he left Legacy Financial Group, he established Legendary Properties, LLC. Legendary Properties is a residential development company that capitalized on purchasing, reforming, selling and harvesting profits from single-family homeowners. See more:


Upon building his business, Todd was able to develop a good rapport with all real estate agents, money lending institutions, and contractors. He later started a Charter Funding project. It is a program from the Financial Corporation of First Magnus. His growth in real estate took a new positive direction towards offering huge help to prospective homeowners. With his track record in the business, Todd realized he could assist the low-income families through Financial Legendary Properties, a unit of Legendary Properties. In the company, Todd loans individuals, and firms. It, in turn, allows him to borrow on behalf of the less fortunate. Todd is an excellent example of a successful real estate agent who provides mortgage solutions by offering affordable loans through his associates, relationships, and companies.

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