Todd Lubar Has Had A Lot To Say Recently About The Real Estate Market Trends In Maryland:

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TDL Global Ventures, LLC President and Legendary Investments Senior Vice President Todd Lubar is one of the most well known and respected names in the world of real estate today. A 1995 graduate of New York state’s Syracuse University he has over twenty years of experience in various elements of the entrepreneurial world and has developed an impressive reputation for being able to predict what trends are going to take off in the real estate market. Before Todd entered into the real estate industry he had a long tenure working with various companies in the mortgage and financial sectors. He often credits this experience with being instrumental is pushing him toward the real estate industry. Todd learned a great deal about the real estate business by his association with the closely tied mortgage industry.


Todd Lubar has recently had quite a bit to say about some major real estate trends that he is observing in his home base, the Baltimore, Maryland region. It is true that Baltimore has gone through a number of struggles over recent decades that include an overall decline in population. Regardless of this fact, it is also the case that the city is becoming more attractive to the younger subset of the housing market. Baltimore is quickly becoming a destination for professionals of the younger demographic and this is creating a real demand within the real estate market. There is a steady trend of the renovation of many of the older buildings in the city to meet the housing demands of this growing segment of Baltimore’s population.


Going hand in hand with the growing population of young professionals in Baltimore is a growing number of young startup business owners. Baltimore has made great efforts to become a desirable location for startups and this is creating another element within the booming real estate market in the city. Beyond the need for store frontage for these new businesses is the need for housing for these up and coming entrepreneurs. It is all coming together to create an ideal situation for those in the real estate business and it is something that Todd Lubar has been able to put his finger on from early on in this transformation.


Todd Lubar has also had a lot to say about the strength of the real estate market in another region in Maryland. The real estate market in Potomac County is one of the nations strongest. The region has a particularly strong economy and this has led to huge demand for property in the region. Value of properties in the Potomac region is rapidly increasing due to the limited nature of the current inventory. Todd Lubar has spoken very candidly about this and suggests that the best way to find a home in this region without paying huge sums of money is to do some research and find out about homes that are potentially going to be available before they go to market.