The Release of Beyond The Darkness: Podcast One

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In recent years, podcast shows have continued to grow and spread via the Internet. Serving as an entertainment platform that connects an audience with celebrities, This interview style show gives detailed insight on various topics. Norman Pattiz has managed to build one of the most successful podcast companies and platform ever. Norman’s company (Podcast One) serves a wide range audience and broadcast over 200 different podcast collectively. Acting as an umbrella of entertainment, PodcastOne has helped the creation and success of various podcast shows.

Dedicated to present diverse podcast shows to its audience of viewers, Norman’s podcast company works with a host of celebrity powerhouses including Shaquille O’Neal, Dr.Drew and even Dan Patrick. Following the success of Podcast One, Norman Pattiz has decided to add yet another show. Expected to reach unparalleled success, Podcast One introduced the new show as Beyond The Darkness.

Hosted by the world famous Dave Schrader, Beyond The Darkness is a paranormal themed and based show. This podcast will include research, detailed interviews and casual conversations dealing with paranormal topics. The show is aimed to challenge your ideas on the existence of the paranormal.

Beyond The Darkness will be featured under WWE superstar Chris Jericho’s original podcast network. Operated by PodcastOne, new episodes will be released weekly and also avaliable on ITunes.

Norman spoke candidly on his excitement of Beyond The Darkness being added to Chris Jericho’s podcast network. He also knew, in due time, Chris Jericho’s network would eventually grow beyond WWE and wrestling. Giving the viewers a new taste of scary topics, The Chris Jericho Network is expected to help boost the popularity of Beyond The Darkness. Joining forces with paranormal experts such as Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, the new paranormal show will give viewers the scare they crave.


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  1. The show will tackle the topics of ghost and goblins like never before. Shedding new light on this taboo topic, Beyond The Darkness will provide the audience with a fresh take on angels, demons and much more. It is likely that could have all that is needed to ensure that all things work so well for them too.