The Oxford Club Helps People Learn – Here’s How

Published on Author RM2000

Unfortunately for the world at large and its many inhabitants, generating wealth through allocating one’s assets throughout real-world investment opportunities, powerful financial instruments, and stocks and commodities traded on financial markets is something that’s not known very well by the vast majority of planet Earth’s population.


Investment U is a publication that tries its hardest to combat the widespread lack of knowledge about investing and building one’s portfolio, and does a pretty good job at doing so – at least that’s what Investment U’s and The Oxford Club’s 157,000-odd members would attest to.


The Oxford Club was founded in 1989 as the Passport Club by business mastermind William Bonner, and changed its name to what it’s known as today just two years after its foundation, in 1991. Bonner’s goal was to create a private network of people interested in and knowledgable about investing. Although The Oxford Club’s valuable knowledge isn’t privy to just a handful of people, like most things we recognize as private, the organization is selective to make sure that it gets its proverbial hands on only people deeply interested in the success of fellow Oxford Club members.


Investment U is considered a valuable learning resource by both its members and people not associated with the organization. It has three levels of membership that its constituents can subscribe to, each with varying levels of benefits:


  • Premier – People have premier memberships to The Oxford Club and Investment U if they subscribe to any of the former’s countless subsidiaries.


  • Director’s Circle – These members have lifelong access to Investment U’s near-infinite, definitely-unvaluable bank of knowledge. Family members can also be handed off membership, allowing members to get more value from The Oxford Club.


  • Chairman’s Circle – Members of this subscription package have unlimited access to every publication put online and in print, and have special online privileges.