The notable accomplishment of Hussain Sajwani

Published on Author RM2000

Hussain`s achievements are notable by many, and his accomplishments in developing various areas in the Arab state have been of great help to the economy of the country. The renowned business man has always evaluated the risks that he ought to take in the development of his firms, and through his persistent and tolerance, he has reaped big from his prestigious investments in the Arabic State. Hussain has always had a passion towards becoming a great entrepreneur since he was a young boy. While he was still under the care of his parents, Hussain worked together with his brothers to help his father manage his real estate property. Through the little cash that Hussain earned from the business, he saved a significant amount of money that he used to start up his current DAMAC venture.


Being the DAMAC OWNER, Hussain has seen the firm develop into one of the largest real estate companies in the country with it establishing a vast number of properties in the country. During its first year of operation, Damac successfully built a residential storey building, and up to date, the Hussain Sajwani Family boasts of having successfully established over seventeen million buildings in the country.


In addition to that, Hussain has successfully established his firm in a vast number of countries, particularly in the United Kingdom in London, Amman, Abu Dhabi, among others. He looks forward to transforming the real estate in the United States and has high hopes due to his current meeting with the president of the country Donald Trump. Sajwani looks forward to establishing more properties in the country with the help of the close relatives of the honorable president whose family also owns a broad range of real estate firms in a significant number of countries.


Sajwani`s commitment and dedication have seen him enjoy the fruits of his labor and he insists that any individual with interest in venturing into entrepreneurship ought to prepare themselves adequately for the many challenges that one faces in such ventures. Besides, he encourages people always to try to learn from their failures as it is the basis of success in their ventures.


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