The Most Responsible Volcanic Water: Waiakea

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According to Baby Boomster, Water from Waiakea spring has special properties, and the founder of the bottled water brand first noticed the difference in the water’s taste when he would go to visit his family in Hawaii twice a year. The water tasted softer, more balanced, and just felt healthier to drink. The water comes from a large, natural acquafier that is filtered through an ancient volcano. That sure beats tap water run through a plastic filter pitcher on the kitchen counter.

One of the best things about waters that are run through natural volcanoes is the minerals that the water picks up as it is being filtered. These waters are full of naturally occuring minerals that are healthy for the human body. They are also PH balanced and waiakea water boasts an especially high alkalinity at over 8.0. Waters that contain healthy electrolytes and are PH balanced keep the body alkaline and performing at it’s healthiest.

People have heard a lot of flack about bottled water lately, choosing to switch to metal bottles refilled from their tap due to plastic water bottle pollution, and yes, water bottles that are made of virgin plastic are bad for the environment. Waiakea however is made of 100% recycled plastic so no new materials are being wasted and previously virgin plastics are being saved and recycled into something new, much like the natural water cycle itself.

The plant itself at the spring also uses over 30% renewable energy in it’s bottling production, making it a Carbon Neutral facility so it can exist in harmony with it’s natural environment while giving people access to this health beneficial water.

Waiakea water is also giving back socially to people in rural areas who do not always have access to clean drinking water. They are providing clean water to places in rural Africa via the means of Elephant Pumps, an ancient Chinese system that delivers clean water. According to Organi Authority, Waiakea water is committed to helping humans at one of their most basic needs, which is access to clean drinking water. Waiakea water is doing great things, so let’s toast to eco friendly, delicious and clean drinking water for all with a healthy sip of those PH balanced electrolytes.

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  1. This makes drinking the exceptionally healthy water more environmentally friendly, and poses little risk to the environment as opposed to drinking bottled water from virgin plastic bottles. It is true that dissertation help usa can help these ones to find out what they need thoroughly.