The Legend Of Domestic Manufacturing – Siteline Cabinetry

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Everybody that keeps up with the news, even loosely, or days after stories were initially broken and promulgated throughout the media frenzy, know that the welfare of manufacturing here in the United States of America could soon be in jeopardy – and not the fun, long-standing game show, either.


Donald Trump, although not an inherently bad person, business figure, or President of the United States, made rounds just a few weeks ago when people close to him stated that he would likely enact tariffs on the importation of steel and aluminum into America, to the tune of 25 and 10 percent of sales price, respectively.


Many businesses have spoken out against the potential tariffs, though nothing has been enacted into legislature thus far.


Siteline Cabinetry is trying its hardest to perpetuate great American manufacturing through its Keysville, Virginia-based manufacturing plant that pumps out some of the best cabinets the nation has ever seen.


Siteline Cabinetry’s Virginian plant is nestled away in the Appalachians because the area is loaded with several suppliers of domestic raw materials and products that the company uses to craft great cabinets. It’s also near several hometown cabinet dealers, all of which reverts a large portion of their sales and interest in cabinets to none other than Siteline Cabinetry.


The Background Of Siteline Cabinetry


Pat Corsi, the chief executive and founder of Siteline Cabinetry, founded the Corsi Group back in July 1973, due in large part to the help of a small business loan Corsi was able to negotiate from the Small Business Administration.


With currently more than 200 employees, Siteline Cabinetry, one of the best subsidiaries that the Corsi Group has to offer, Corsi has provided customers a long-standing heritage of quality products and upstanding service, something that they all take pride in and tend to trust Siteline Cabinetry, Corsi, and their employees when they desire more cabinetry work in the future.


The Manufacturing


To manufacture cabinets from scratch, Siteline Cabinetry takes no longer than one month to do so, typically finished in 28 days. The company offers just short of 300 custom combinations of products used in its cabinets.