The Growth and Leadership of OSI Group

Published on Author RM2000

OSI Group is the largest food provider in the world. The company was pioneered by a German immigrant, only two years after settling in the United States. It started as a small butcher shop established just to meet the demand of the local community. After a few years, the demand for the firm’s product rose and the management started expanding to other areas. As it continued to have a corporate image, it was rebranded as Otto and Sons. A new team of leadership was introduced to take the company to the next level. The organization partnered with the McDonalds to facilitate the distribution of their meat products to different parts of the country through the McDonald’s restaurant.

The relationship between the two firms grew and OSI Group became the largest supplier of beef products to McDonald’s restaurant. The food provider continued to gain popularity around other parts of the world. To cater to the needs of the international markets, the management developed new partnerships and acquisitions. Some of the most notable acquisitions include the BAHO Foods and Flagship Europe. The other aspect of the transformation was the leadership team. Sheldon Lavin was appointed to serve as the Chief Executive Officer. Before the promotion to the firm’s executive body, he was a managing partner. He also worked as an investment manager tasked with looking for the funds needed for the expansion plans. The success of the firm can be attributed to the efforts that the management team has put into promoting the reputation of the food provider.

The management of OSI Group has adopted the latest technology in the processing and packaging of the products. The firms hires highly qualified personnel to ensure that high standards are maintained. Over the years, the firm has hired more than 20, 000 employees to work in different professional capacities in the 65 facilities across the world. Currently, the firm operates in 17 countries. According to the Forbes Magazine, the OSI Group is in the 58th position worldwide in terms of the size. The assets of the company have an estimated net worth of $6.1 billion. It has received prestigious awards for the continued commitment in the conservation of the environment.