The Frontera Fund – Meet the Institution that has Donated More than $1 Million to Fund Civil Rights Groups

Published on Author RM2000

Migrants are constantly feeling injustice in the way that law enforcers treat them on a daily basis. LGBT communities are always having to fight for their rights because there is a lot of preconception surrounding their sexual choices.

The racial disparity, women’s rights; there are a lot of matters that need professional help to ensure peace and tranquility, but often these professionals require assistance in order to serve the communities and grow as firms.

Lawyers and attorneys that advocate for civil, human and migrants’ rights, often have lots of trouble in growing as independent firms as well as in maintaining their brand.

The Frontera Fund became one of the best solutions for this problem. It is a funding institution created to support these civil and human rights attorneys. It has already given millions of dollars in the financing, and many lawyer firms have grown because of the help of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

Michael and Jim are better known for being the two co-founders of the brands Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, but they have helped their communities in an entirely different way for the last couple of years.

They have founded a funding institution in Phoenix that has allowed many small advocating groups to stand for their communities and support them without having allegiance to bigger law firms.

This has allowed a higher diversity in the law department, more significant support of different communities and different social conditions, more employment, a decrease in criminality, and much more.

The funding of the Frontera Fund has made many firms possible and as a result, many clients owe their cases to Michael and Jim.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was only possible because an injustice that the duo suffered during their late days as investigators.

They were into a case involving the Sheriff Joe Arpaio of a medium-sized county named Maricopa. The investigation was turning many theories into evidences, and Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were captured in their homes, in the middle of the night, by forces sent by Joe Arpaio. The two investigators were sent to jail that night, without any concern for their civil rights.

Since that event, which happened on October 18, 2007, they have noticed a significant discrepancy in how the law is shaped and how things actually happen in practice. Many communities are continuously facing injustices like the one Michael and Jim dealt with before the Frontera Fund existed.

Now, at least there are more lawyers that can represent different types of clients in the whole territory of Arizona, and this diversity has made the law enforcement system much more reliable and accessible to everyone.

The duo that created the Frontera Fund initially had a settlement of $3.75 million, an amount that they are still using to this day to fund groups that advocate for civil, human, and migrant rights. Michael and Jim are big supporters of freedom of speech and of expression.

In Arizona, they became one of the most influential figures in the law department because of their involvement in creating a more diversified picture for communities.