The Eventful Career of Doe Deere

Published on Author RM2000

Many people have clung to saying that there is natural beauty or a look that is better than others. The chief executive of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe Deere thinks otherwise. She believes that beauty is in what feels right for an individual at a particular moment. Her mission of establishing this company was to prove to people that cosmetics are not aimed at covering up an individual’s misgivings, but are instead a positive way of expressing oneself or better still, exercise one’s freedom. Lime Crime is not a typical cosmetic line. A great sense of style characterizes it, an alley of colors not forgetting to mention cosmetics that are tested and proven to be gentle on the user’s skin.


Since establishing her line, Doe Deere has had a decade of nothing but success. The company though starting out small experiences an immense growth and became a favorite for many people. One thing that has made Lime Crime stand out from all her competitors is the fact that it has vibrant, pigmented as well as bold colors. It was received well by consumers all over the world. Lime Crime Cosmetics is a name that was inspired by Ms. Deere’s best color, as well as her undying passion for coming up with makeups that have very bright colors, be they nail polishes, lipstick or even eyeshadow.


Many people recognize Doe as a successful businesswoman, but they do not know that she was born in Russia. Her parents relocated to New York, USA, where she was raised. Ms. Deere went to college where she studied fashion design. Her passion for cosmetics dates back to when she was a fashion designer. After making it big in the business arena, Doe encourages other women to get on board. She supports other businesses that are owned by women. Doe Deere encourages people to follow their passion. Indeed this is her niche while she is giving talks. She has spoken in various places such as Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour as well as PHAMExpo. Young entrepreneurs who look up to her get insights from her Instagram page.