The Corpse Flower Is on Display at Orange Coast College

Published on Author RM2000

Orange Coast College looks forward to a hoard of people visiting to admire a smelly and rare flower that smells like a corpse when it blooms. When the flower blooms, people can visit until 10 p.m.

The plant’s nickname is Little Dougie. It currently weighs over 30 pounds and stands at almost five feet tall. Amazingly, some corpse plants can weigh as much as 200 pounds. Oddly enough, the plant is quite beautiful when it blooms.

The plant originates from the original island of Sumatra. There is a reason for its repugnant odor. Beetles crawl inside the plant and pollinate, then transfer the pollen from the male to female flowers. This causes the odor, and is perhaps nature’s way of protecting the pollination process. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

Members of the team that look after the plant pollinate the flower by hand. While fans love to experience the flower, its smell can be a challenge for many. The flower usually blooms during the evening.

Orange College encourages visitors to make a $3 donation to help support funding for scholarships in its horticulture programs. For anyone wanting to see the flower and pass on smelling it, the school has set up a web cam for viewing. Orange Coast College is located in Costa Mesa.

It owns the distinction of being one of the nation’s largest community colleges. Its enrollment tops 25,000 students each semester. The college offers more than 135 career and academic programs. The school is also acclaimed for its public nautical programs.