The Chainsmokers: Continuing To Add Links To Recent Successes

Published on Author RM2000

Chainsmokers’ chain does not appear to be breaking anytime soon.

The Chainsmokers’ recent torrid run of hits now going back to 2017 with their debut album Memories…Do Not Open, have a look of those reaching truly rarefied air. The LP is on track at becoming Billboard’s 3rd longest ever at the number 1 position on the Dance/Electronic Albums chart.

The United States-based EDM (Electro Dance Music) pop duo features 2 accomplished musicians; Alex Paul on the piano and Andrew Taggert with the electronic instruments. Taggert is also the lead vocalist and adds bluesy-mixed melodies and lyrics not normally seen in such a genre that is rooted more so towards Rave, Trance, and House. Such examples can be seen on the “Paris” and “Sick Boy” song videos.

Both were born and raised in the North East, USA. The 33-year old Pall is from New York, while Taggert, 28, hails from Maine. In some ways, The Chainsmokers bring to mind another pop-duo of the last century and also North East natives, Hall & Oates. Both pairs blend a variety of influences into their primary formats. It was these types of mixed innovations that would propel Hall & Oates to become the top-selling pop-duo of all time and eventually lead to an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Chainsmokers DJ duo have been in the music scene for over a decade and seem to bring ample experience to such a youthful style as EDM. This flexible and mature approach has evidently helped them synchronize very nicely with other well-known musicians and DJs; such as Daya, Charley, Halsey, and even the top-selling group Cold Play on a collaboration for the song “Something Like This” just to name a few artists.

Although there is no tour presently scheduled, The Chainsmokers’ current dance-club show lineup appears quite packed into the late fall of 2018 per their website: This reflects a strong work ethic and passion for their profession, which could lead to adding even more links to their already lengthy chain of successes.