Stree: A hope for a better future

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Considered as one of the world’s best investor and a philanthropist from the South Asia region, Malini Saba is a bright individual with tremendous talent and a bright heart. She is currently the chairman of company “Saban” with a variety of working domains including oil companies, technology companies in the US, and gas properties in China. This company looks to retain diverse investment interests globally.


She defines success as doing what she loves, as it improves her productivity. It’s only natural that we tend to be interested in things and be more productive with things we are most interested in. In her case, it was becoming a successful investor. She defined true success when you are truly happy with yourself. The reason she started philanthropy was she saw a societal demand for many basic necessities around her such as equal education opportunities, safe place to live, health care, women rights and other relocatable societal basic needs.


Malini Saba has always set a limit between her personal life and her business life. Tending to each one of them separately which makes her life way easier and relaxing. The biggest challenge in her life according to her interview was dealing with people on government level in developing countries in order to have an impact on change.


She is currently the founder and the chairperson of Stree. It is working as a nonprofit organization changing the roles of low-income women and children and providing them with facilities to change the way they look at themselves. This nonprofit organization also provides women with basic healthcare requirements, legal empowerment and provides a connection with public policy in many African countries, Central America, India and Eastern Europe. They also strive to support underprivileged children across the developing world in order to provide them with equal educational opportunities, safe and a healthier place to live.


This nonprofit organization serves as an advocate of the poor people of the underdeveloped, developing countries. Some of the organization work also consists of setting up orphanage centers in Sri Lanka where hundreds of children are raised in hope of a better future. The organization has also worked for human rights advocacy in India. Stree, in short, is a bright hope for a bright future.


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