Save More Money On Cell Phone Plans By Switching To FreedomPop For Services

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A lot of people still don’t know that they don’t have to pay a high price for cell phone service anymore. Many think that if they get free cell phone service it has to be from the government, who may severely restrict the type of services that they receive. FreedomPop is a cell phone service that offers a lot more than any other standard free cell phone service out there. With unlimited text messages, as well as 200 hundred minutes of talk time with 500 MB of data, the free service is better than what other companies are offering.


It’s important for a FreedomPop review to be checked out if a customer doesn’t know much about FreedomPop because many reviews list some good information about the services, even though all of the services may not be reviewed. The free cell phone service has been open to the public for five years now, and the plan continues strong to this day. The free service can now be used for one year by anyone who signs up for the service as a new customer. Usage of any type of smartphone is permitted with the free cell phone service.


FreedomPop is allowing Sprint phone users as well as GSM phone users to get service with them, which is great because many people like to use their cell phones from other carriers that have been unlocked. The GSM phones can be used at any time with FreedomPop services when the network lock is removed, and a sim card has to be obtained from FreedomPop as well.


Some people choose to get the paid plan from FreedomPop for $10.99, which is also a bargain and comes with unlimited talk and texts along with 500 MB of data. Those wanting all the data they can handle should choose the unlimited everything plan for $19.99, which is exactly what it says, unlimited. Anyone who has chosen a limited plan will have to conserve the data that they use, especially when they constantly are sending text messages. Consider earning extra data from FreedomPop by completing FreedomPop surveys or offers, or customers may pay for more data as well.



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