Sam Tabar Appointed COO of FullCycle Fund Company

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Sam Tabar is a prominent capital strategist and a leading attorney based in New York. He graduated from of Columbia Law School where he earned a Master’s Degree in Law. While at the University, he was the editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal. Before his postgraduate studies, Tabar attended Oxford University and graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree.

Currently, Tabar is the Chief Operations Officer of FullCycle Fund Company. The company was founded in 2013 by Ibrahim AlHusseini to help address the problem of pollution caused by municipal solid waste while providing affordable, eco-friendly fuel.

Working with its main partner Synova Company, FullCycle applies their patented OLGA design in a way that is revolutionizing the way gasification is conducted. The machines are innovatively designed to meet technological requirements at affordable operating and maintenance costs. FullCycle’s intends to provide more eco-friendly power by renovating some of the older generation electric power plants.

In a world where the calls for environmentally-friendly lifestyles are on the increase, FullCycle is showing how it can be done. The task calls for visionary and skilled leadership. For the firm, recently appointed Sam Tabar is the man to guide the company towards the achievement of the company’s goals and objectives. FullCycle wouldn’t have picked better; Tabar brings extensive experience to the team. His appointment as COO of the firm is the result of his vast leadership experience in the financial sector. Tabar is a brilliant financial strategist who has overseen impressive results in several of the world’s largest financial institutions. His previous executive positions have been such firms as Bank of America, where he was the Capital Strategy Manager and Sparx Group, where he served as Deputy Manager of Marketing. Sam Tabar also runs a company that supplies hygiene products for ladies, especially in Africa.

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  1. FullCycle does this by providing funds the purchase and installation of modern power generation machines that recycle solid waste to power communities. In 2014, he founded a hedge fund management firm that he also runs. That may also be true to an extent and that may not gotten all they need back from them.