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The article Why is Cyber Security Important? highlights the growing threat faced by governments, individuals, and business corporations from cyber attacks. It discusses the three primary reasons that make having a good cyber security strategy critical. One reason is the frequency with which cyber attacks are happening. Each year attacks are increasing the costs associated with cyber crime. Secondly, the severity and degree of cyber attacks also pose a significant risk. Personal cyber attacks have increasingly become more sophisticated and lethal resulting in massive expenditures to maintain the security of data and information. A third reason highlighted in the article relates to the future trends in cyber attacks. As enterprises, individuals, and governments react to cope with this threat; budgets have been pushed to the limit.


About Rubica


Rubica, Inc. specializes in providing personal cyber security services. As such, the company offers a broad range of customized services on all digital platforms. Machine learning technologies, private networks, and a high caliber team of security experts to boost its services.


When it comes to personal cyber security, Rubica is a dependable and capable partner to help you protect your data and privacy. In the event of a personal cyber attack, you can rely on Rubica to help you resolve the attacks and retain your peace of mind.


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