RPS Solutions And CEO Kevin Seawright Collaborate For Christmas Toy Drive With The Christ Haven Pentecostal Church

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 The Christmas season is a time when people give what they have to the needy. Residents of Philadelphia received an early Christmas treat when Kevin Seawright’s RPS Solutions in conjunction with the Christ Haven Pentecostal Church visited them. The local church teamed up with Kevin Seawright’s company that specializes in real estate in a holiday luncheon and toy drive to usher in the celebration of the birth of Christ.

Kid’s Fun day

Children will always go where there is fun to be had, and the event that was sponsored by these two entities attracted over 200 kids from Philadelphia. Children, from little infants all the way to teenagers were given a wide range of toys that were meant to brighten their festive season. The sponsoring of such an event meant that hundreds of kids from many families in Philadelphia who could not afford to purchase toys were having as much Christmas fun as their friends from well-off families. The primary purpose of organizing the event was to bring the city residents together to enjoy an afternoon full of fun activities and some good food. The main agenda was to foster a familiarity spirit within Philadelphia’s social structure. The kids who attended the event did not disappoint the organizers as they were quick to socialize and make new buddies.

Ushering in the New Year in style

The luncheon also provided an excellent opportunity for the adults in attendance to usher in the New Year together. The guests in attendance were spoiled with a wide variety of offerings including some local cuisines. The central message that went around was to continue to foster unity among the city’s residents as they celebrated the festivities together. All the guests who got a chance to talk reiterated the importance of neighborhood closeness where people lives as their brother’s and sister’s keeper. This event was a unique opportunity where the brotherly love that has always been the city’s pride was restored. It was evident that the love for one another could be reignited by the considerable number of city residents who graced the occasion. Visit epodcastnetwork.com for more info.

A Legacy for giving back to society

RPS solutions has always taken pride in giving leadership by example. The firm has in the past organized such toy drives to bring communities together. The company under the able leadership of Kevin Seawright is among the corporate entities that have dedicated themselves to empower communities throughout the United States. RPS Solutions has also taken on uplifting communities by giving them a chance to own a home.

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