Rodrigo Terpins and his Career in Sports

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Rally driver and philanthropist Rodrigo started his career in off-road rally racing a few decades ago. He took up the Prototype T category for motorcycles and quickly found out that he would not want to do anything else in his career.

Later on, his younger brother also joined in and started working in rally racing. Together, Rodrigo Terins and Michel Terpins formed their own team and are one of the most popular team on that take part in the annual Sertoes Rally. Their team is called the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, and it takes part almost every single year int he competition. The two brothers inherited their love for sports from their father.

The Sertoes rally is a favorite among off-road rally drivers. The competition is vigorous, and it also creates a strong sense of community that is impossible to replicate at any other off-road event. The Sertoes Rally attracts a huge crowd from across Brazil and other countries as well. Fans of off-road rally driving usually want to go to the vent at least once. Check out to see more.

The Sertoes Rally is a week-long event. It has competitors drive across 3 000 km and a variety of terrains. The Series Rally is designed to test the skills and focus of the participants. That is the aspect that makes so many off-road rally drivers love the competition.

Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins say that there is no other off-road rally that excited them as much as the Sertoes rally.It makes them giddy every year as it shows them how much progress they have made with their skills from one year to the next.

Michel Terpins is especially a huge fan of the Sertoes rally. He takes part in the Prototype T category for cars. He used to drive a motorcycle at the start of his career but later switched the lane. The cars category has been his category of choice for several years. Michel Terpins has been a part of the Sertoes Rally more than ten times so far, and Rodrigo Terpins will have a tenth participation time next year.

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