Rebuilding a Company with Lost Glory to the Current Success-the Story of Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car

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Gregory James Aziz was born in Hamilton Ontario in 1949. He attended the Ridley College before proceeding to the University of Western Ontario to study economics. When he finished school, he joined the family business, which was the distribution of fresh foods. He took up a leadership position there are helped the business expand a lot both locally and internationally. After a while, he decided to move over to the US and took up a job in New York. He worked for some financial firms in the US before heading back home and acquiring National Steel Car from Dofasco.


The National Steel Car had been operating in Hamilton, Ontario for more than one century. The company had been one of the biggest manufacturers of railways and freight-related products. However, somewhere along the way, there had been issues with its management, and the company had ended up losing some of its original success and prestige. When Greg took over the company in 1994, it was only producing 3,000 steel cars in a year. By the time they were celebrating their first five years with the company, this number had increased to 12,000 cars. They had also managed to increase their employees from a mere 600 to more than 3000. The transformation was only possible because of the ideologies of Gregory J Aziz.


he dream that has always driven Greg James Aziz was to make the company the largest in freight and related products manufacturing in the region. There are times when the process seemed tough and the rewards limited, but Greg has never second-guessed his dream to make National Steel Car Successful.


The other great thing about the leadership of National Steel Car is the fact that they completely support the company that they work under. For instance, when looking for new employees, Greg’s team always considers the people who are from the area first. Other acts of kindness which have been shown by this company cannot be compared to the others. The company is currently one of the very few which are ISO certified. The charities that the company proudly takes part in include the local Opera, the Salvation Army, and several other local charitable organizations. The company organizes a Christmas party every year, and the animals are always free to attend. See This Page for more info.

Greg Aziz sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair with his wife. He is a real inspiration.