Oxford Club Empowers Its Members on Retirement Balancing

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Oxford Club, an international private network of experienced and reputable investors, continues to remain one of its kinds in the region. Headquartered in Baltimore United Sates, the club has continued to support its members to grow and secure their investments. This has been made possible through the club’s unwavering commitment towards quality and timely research and publications.

In one of the Oxford’s recent seminar held at the Four Seasons Resort in Santa Fe, the club taught attendees essential tips regarding retirement balancing. According to Alexander Green, Oxford Club’s chief investment strategist, this is an aspect that continues to bother many citizens. He points out that how much a retiree should have in stock depends on a number of factors including age, health, monthly overheads and portfolio-base. The expert goes ahead to explain that with an increase in life expectancy, a person requires a significant amount of equities in order to generate a long-term return that exceeds possible inflation.


Manage risks that come with retirement balancing

There are several risks associated with retirement balancing including an individual having too much money on stocks. Green points out that retirees should concentrate on calculating how much they need in low-risk-bonds and monthly overheads rather than percentage share in stocks. People need to liquidate their stocks to carter for expenses and fund reserves when he market is at/near highs. When the market comes to bear, do not cash into your stocks at relatively low prices and instead pay for expenses from the 5 year reserves.

The investment strategist concludes that a real world solution to effective retirement balancing revolves around beginning to save early, saving regularly and making wise investment decisions.


Oxford Club

The club was founded in 1989 and has since attracted membership of more than 157,000 from over 100 countries globally. Oxford’s evident results continue to impact several of its members and online followers. The club has over 1,050 followers in LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

For nearly 3 decades now, Oxford delivers strategic investment publications that have succeeded in various market conditions. The club boasts of its rich historical background, able leadership and quality deliverables.