New York School Districts Benefit From Success Academy Network

Published on Author RM2000

New York City school districts are constantly striving to make their students have better scores on tests by preparing them to take the tests and trying to help them learn as much as possible from the curriculums that they have. They don’t really ever get the scores that they want, though. The problem comes form their approach to helping students to learn. Instead of focusing all of their attention on the students, they have chosen to focus on the tests. This is problematic because the students need to be the main focus of the school. Success Academy does this, though. They want students to be successful with their educational careers and that means that they need to do everything that they can to help the students get the education that they need. They take their time to work through the curriculum and make it easier for the students to learn.


The Success Academy network is a charter school network and it is working to help improve the school districts throughout New York City. They are helping to relieve some of the pressure that is on public school teachers in the city. They’re also working to make sure that they are teaching students the things that they need to know. Success Academy has done what they can to teach students and average grades are going up throughout the city thanks to everything that Success Academy has done for the students. Even the public schools are seeing benefits from the Success Academy network.


One of the hallmarks of Success Academy is that they do not allow for excuses. Students are given every opportunity that they need to learn. If they are not able to learn and they are still doing poorly at school, there is no excuse for it. The Success Academy style of learning is there to help students get exactly what they need. Students are referred to as scholars, are made to wear uniforms and have a longer school day than public students. Something is working with this model, though, because their test scores are twice that of public schools.