National Steel Car Transforms Rail Tank Cars

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The North American harmonized regulations for the next generation require that rail tank cars that transport flammable liquids be safer and stronger. This requirement was designed to mitigate against accidents that have occurred in Canada and the United States. This is a position that was widely embraced by the Chairman and CEO of National Steel Car, Gregory J. Aziz. The regulations went a long way in streamlining safety regulations to make the rail sector viable and safe.


In this regard, the National Steel Car Company responded to this need by hiring more than 900 new employees in addition to upgrading its technology to be in line with the regulations. The company, under the stewardship of Gregory James Aziz, consulted with its customers in relation to orders placed for the new rail tank cars. This approach was an assurance to its customers that the company had fully embraced the regulations and had the capacity to design and manufacture rail tank cars that were compliant.



The company started manufacturing such tank cars and even had additional capacity to accommodate other special needs for its customers. Greg Aziz stressed the importance of increasing productivity and safety to meet the needs of the company’s customers. This commitment and dedication attracted reputable customers to the company. One such customer was Canpotex which selected National Steel Car to manufacture 700 new railcars for the transport of potash to coastal ports. This line of business was valued at a cost of about $70 million. This new customer invested over $500 million with National Steel Car for the manufacture of over 7,000 rail cars.


The company was able to provide quality and reliable railcars that hugely led to the success story of Canpotex. The railcars were custom-designed in Canada to conform to the specific needs of transporting potash to Canpotex global customers. This was an innovative design that not only maximized the number of railcars per unit train but also increased the overall train efficiency by over 90%. This new design was able to reduce greenhouse emissions and also enhanced the rail corridors capacities. Greg Aziz, as the company’s chairman, was able to form a lasting relationship with Canpotex due to his ability to understand the needs of his customers. He was able to help his customers improve their profitability by designing railcars to their specific needs. This kind of innovation transformed the railcar industry and took it to the next level. Click Here For Related Article.