National Steel Car in Good Hands With CEO Gregory Aziz

Published on Author RM2000

Many people simply assume that if a company has been in business for over a century that it can sustain into the future regardless who is at the helm. This is certainly not true in the freight car manufacturing industry for certain, the competition will literally eat you alive. Although National Steel Car has been around since 1912, without the guidance of president Gregory James Aziz, they would not be able to sustain like they have been lately. National Steel Car is recognized as the world leader in freight rail-car engineering and manufacturing, and the team under Aziz recognizes they have an obligation to continue the efforts of this company into the future.



Chairman Greg Aziz says that National Steel Car has achieved some great things in recent years thanks to all of his 2,000 employees. Aziz says that had it not been for all of the workers at National Steel Car being on the same page, they would not be able to enjoy the successes they have today. The team is not only constantly raising the bar, they have developed a set of objectives they work towards each day on the job. These objectives have allowed this rail-car manufacturer to be able to win the prestigious and coveted TTX SECO award for ten years straight and counting.



Gregory J Aziz knows that the objectives of his company set the tone for how things play out. National Steel Car would not have been able to thrive well into the next century unless each person working at the company from the assembly line worker to the CEO believe in what they are doing. First, each member of the team has a determination and drive that has them looking on the next success with the company. The team thrives being leaders, and is dedicated to their pride in workmanship. Perhaps the most important key to the success of National Steel Car, the team understands about tradition and honors the past each day. See More Info Here.



Part of the ultimate success of National Steel Car rests in their ability to give back each year to those who are in need. The company has always donated to local charitable organizations that support Ontario residents, but today Aziz feels that giving needs to reach further. Through efforts with United Way and Salvation Army, those dreams have become a reality as National Steel Car is again raising the bar for the industry.