Money Market Fund Guru and Investor Extrordinare: Bruce Bent II

Published on Author RM2000

The first Money Market Fund was founded in 1971. The goal of a money market fund is a type of fixed income account that invests in things that have a very short maturity age and are very high in credit quality. They are also extremely liquid, which means they can be changed into cash very rapidly if need be. They are seen to be low risk and low investment, but also low return for the most part. A money market fund is a safe place for investors to invest their assets that they can pull quickly if needed. They have no investment fees, which make them attractive to investors. Investors who need a safe place to store their assets should use money market funds to safeguard them. Money market funds are widely used all over the world and are quite popular with investors of all types.
Bruce Bent II is a businessman and investor. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy from Northeastern University in 1991. Mr. Bent is an entrepreneur and business expert.  He was charged with overseeing startups involving healthcare, digital currency, and much more. He also acted as an advisor and mentor for his colleagues.

Bruce Bent II has worked at Double Rock Corporation for many years and has steadily worked his way to the top. He currently serves as the CEO, Vice Chairman, and President. Mr. Bent is tasked with spearheading all operations and serves as the Senior Executive over all subsidiaries of Double Rock Corporation.
Double Rock Corporation has grown to be one of the largest money management firms in the world and has over $130 billion in assets within the corporation.Bruce Bent II has a knack for breathing new life into companies and has taken this talent and made an impressive career out of it. He will continue to expand and grow as the years go on and currently shows no signs of slowing down or stopping.

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