Mike Baur’s Role in Revolutionizing the Swiss Startup Space

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Mike Baur’s Career Journey


Mike Baur has been instrumental in revolutionizing the Swiss startup ecosystem. Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) has helped young digital entrepreneurs gain skills and entrepreneurial networks to steer them to the next development phase. Under Mike’s able leadership, the SSUF has grown into a leading ICT startup accelerator in Switzerland.


Mike Baur spent over 20 years in the banking industry before joining the Swiss startup space. He worked in many prestigious banking institutions such Clariden and UBS as a commercial apprentice. His entrepreneurial journey unfolded in 2014 after joining forces with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer to start the Swiss Startup Factory.


Since joining the Swiss startup ecosystem, Mike Baur has contributed towards various start-up initiatives in Switzerland. In fact, he once served as a juror during the START Summiteer, a startup competition held at the University of St Gallen. Besides, Mike led SSUF into its acceleration program with Goldbach Group. He also spearheaded SSUF through its partnership with other companies. Recently, SSUF has joined forces with CTI Invest, a leading financial platform for tech entrepreneurs in Switzerland. The partnership will help develop the Swiss start-up space. Mike will serve as CTI’s Deputy Managing Director while Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier will act as a managing partner of SSUF.


Besides his role at the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur spends a lot of time nurturing talents through the Swiss youth entrepreneurship. He also mentors and funds the most promising tech entrepreneurs in Switzerland. Mike attained his MBA from the Rochester University in New York.


About Swiss Startup Factory


SSUF is the Swiss leading startup accelerator. Its mission is to help startups bring their innovative idea to the market. SSUF has recently launched Founderstories.ch, a collection of interviews with startups owners in Switzerland and around the world. The idea for this web platform came through combined effort of CTI Invest, Diplomero, and investiere.ch. The web platform will help young tech entrepreneurs access the experiences and inspirations of successful startup founders from all over the world.


At the SSUF, Mike Baur provides all the tools needed by the startups to build, develop, and expand their financing options. The fact that SSUF works in close collaboration with its startups make its accelerator program unique. At the SSUF, startups meet with the company’s founders nearly daily. That creates an opportunity to interact and access experts.