Michael Hagele Speaks About Success

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Michael Hagele grew from a humble beginning where he worked in a car wash and many other low profile jobs until he became a competent attorney. Currently, Michael works as a lawyer in science-based industries. Some of these industries include Aerospace, defense, and the technology sector. Hagele is also an investor in many companies that provide food service and hospitality. Michael got his degree in the University of California, Berkeley. Hagele`s capability in negotiations has made him grow both in international and domestic law fields.

During an interview, Michael was given an opportunity to talk about his work, goals, and vision in the coming future concerning the law industry. Michael said that he has confidence that small law firms can provide exceptional and affordable service. Michael has a schedule of activities that he engages in every day. In the morning, he deals with technology clients and also spends some time in drafting contracts. In the afternoon, Michael rides his bicycle to clear his mind so that when he returns to his office, he is in a better position to handle his clients. In the evening, he manages new clients question and issues that help to resolve any doubts that they might have concerning legal matters.

When Michael is done handling his attorney affairs, he calls his overseas investment partners to discuss the progress and any plans that they may have. They are also able to generate ideas from their discussions. Michael is very popular among his clients for his unwavering determination to fulfill their needs. Michael ensures his customers are his priority. He understands his responsibility towards his clients and always does the best to please them. This is because he knows that his actions towards them are determinants of whether they’ll stay or leave. Visit This Page to learn more.

Like many entrepreneurs, Michael has not always succeeded. Michael never gave up despite the numerous hardships that he has encountered in his long journey to becoming successful. Mr. Hagele kept trying each day out until he made it. He once tried to invest in a restaurant with a celebrity chef, but the chef did not contribute money to the starting and running of the restaurant. Hagele learned that participation was necessary for success. He says that it is through trying that one can learn on ways of overcoming the numerous life hardships.

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