Meet Gregory Aziz, the President Of National Steel Car

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Gregory J Aziz is one of the prominent businessmen from the North America continent. His contribution to the business industry is phenomenal. He is one of the naturally talented business people. To him going to school was not necessarily to help him manage his businesses. To him, education was just a tool to for sharpening the skills that he already had. Greg Aziz was born in April of 1949. He was born in the city of Ontario, Canada.


Gregory Aziz went to Bradley College before later joining the University of Western Ontario, where he studied specialized economics. The skills he achieved from the economic classes helped him a great deal in transforming his business and those of his family later in life.


After he left college, Greg Aziz, joined his family in running a food business they had in Canada. Although the business food business was not big before he joined, he worked closely with his parents to see it become one the biggest supplier of fresh foods in the North American region. Before he started working his family’s business made him relish owning his business. He also learned a lot about business management when he was still young. His impact in the food business was remarkable. His family food business expanded its reach to the whole of North America, more so in Canada and the United States. The food business started importing fresh foods from Europe and South America. By the time he left to start his business, the food company was the biggest importer of fresh foods in the region.


Gregory J Aziz had a dream of owning a business. So, while working for his family food business, he, made a lot of investments in the banking sector. He hoped that one day he would use the investments to build a company of his own. His dream was to come true later in 1994 when bought the National Steel Car Company from the Dofasco. The company was not doing so well and needed the input of a real business manager and an economist to overturn the fortunes of the company. Visit This Page for more information.


National Steel Car is a manufacturer of railroad freight cars. It is the biggest manufacturer in the Northern America region. The efforts of Greg Aziz were never in vain. He applied his business and financial skills to ensure that the company overtook everyone else in the industry. Greg Aziz brought in a new team of management with whom he worked closely until the company was back to life again, now in a big way.

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