Matt Badiali on reading, investing, and his extensive education

Published on Author RM2000

Matt Badiali uses his father as inspiration when he sits down to write about investing. He watched as his father has trouble investing and could not do it successfully. From this Matt realized he could use his unique skill set and education to help people like his father invest.

Mr. Badiali always had an interest in science and pursued an education in it. He attend three different universities to achieve this goal. First stop on his education journey was Penn State University in Pennsylvania. During his time there he studied Earth Sciences and Geology his favorite subjects. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in 1992. In Boca Raton Florida there Matt went to Florida Atlantic University where he continued his quest in studying Geology and Earth Sciences and received a Master’s degree. During that time in his life Matt Badiali was working a pretty bad job collecting samples of contaminated water and dirt as a environmental geologist in Miami, Florida.

It was not the safest job and was also dirty to say the least. That pushed him to continue his education at the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. Mr. Badiali received a Ph.D in Sedimentary Geology in 2005. During that time when Matt was getting his Ph.D a friend in finance who also had a Ph.D convinced him to work with him. He would use his education in natural resources and teach people to invest in them. This worked out very well for the Geologist and in 2017 he launched Real Wealth Strategist with Banyan Hill Publishing. He uses his unique stories and experiences traveling all over the world seeing these natural investments in their natural environment to teach his readers and subscribers more about these investments. Matt himself stays up to date with what’s going on by being a very active reader. He likes The Mining Journal, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal to get his information each day. Badiali also published a free-letter in which he writes an article in it once a week. He highly recommends reading as much as you can. Speaking of Bloomberg Matt loves to use Bloomberg Terminal which has a great news feed with endless information spanning multiple subjects across the world. His favorite book is called “The Disappearing Spoon” which also has an array of information but told in a fun and interesting way. Matt Badiali continues to inspire others to invest in natural resources, energy, and metals in unique ways that have endless potential.