Matt Badiali Expects Platinum to Increase in Demand

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Education , Background and Introduction to Finances

A graduate of Penn State University, Matt Badiali holds a bachelor degree in Earth Science. He attended Florida Atlantic University, where he received a Master of Science in Geology. He continued to the Ph.D. but became very interested in finance by 2004. His financial advice is found to be very solid. Those who have acted on his financial recommendations have had a triple-digit return. Today Matt Badiali’ research and financial natural resources analysis can be received thru subscription of his Banyan Hill Real Wealth Strategist. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunchbase.

Natural Resources Market

Matt Badiali recognized a propensity towards the natural resourced market, but because of its both cyclical as well as speculative nature had to understand both the geology and financial market to sufficiently give analysis leading to rational expectations. His knowledge of Sedimentary Geology, Geosciences and Earth Sciences, greatly benefited giving investment advice in the Natural Resources markets.


In 2018, Matt Badiali is recommending people invest in platinum, and many investors who follow his advice are taking his word seriously. Badiali has one formula which he says he uses which can predict a price growth. Badiali says when demand is more significant than supply, the price for the metal will increase as in the diminishing demand of copper and zinc in recent years. Badiali goes on to show that because of reports received from one of the great suppliers of copper that the interruptions of foreign copper have been reported, so he projects that these demands will increase over this coming year.

Future Demand for Platinum

According to Matt Badiali, the demand for Platinum is arising from its usefulness in catalytic converters in diesel engines. On the other side, there is a need for the platinum medal not because there is a great abundance of it, but just the opposite. Badiali says that mines that were in existence have been run down and are not producing Platinum it is because of this shortage, which at present meet the demand he predicts Platinum to be on the rise.

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