Mark Mofid, A Plastic Surgeon Who Values Safety Above Money

Published on Author RM2000

Mark Mofid is recognized for his contribution to the medical community in San Diego and La Jolla area where he operates as a plastic surgeon. In his clinic, he has various employees that serve in different capacities such as; front office assistants, office manager, dermatologist and nurse among others who assist him. He offers medical and cosmetic dermatological services together with cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Patients receive a referral to access laser services provided in AAAASF/Medicare accredited surgery center that is adjacent the clinic.

Mark Mofid graduated Magna cum laude with an undergraduate degree from Harvard University. He trained in plastic and general surgery; he proceeded to the medical school in the university at Johns Hopkins. While here he did a craniofacial research fellowship. Mr. Mofid procures his services in many hospitals in both the La Jolla locale and San Diego. The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the body that has certified him to operate as a plastic surgeon.

Mr. Mofid is aligned with a university in California where he is a member of the clinical faculty in the plastic surgery division. He has written about facial and breast surgery in numerous publications including in a journal about reconstructive surgery and plastic surgery. He has been a speaker in various medical conventions both internationally and locally. He is also a fellow of a professional body for American Surgeons.

Mark Mofid is known for his strict adherence to patient safety in a sector where patients are willing to spend more to look good. Mark Mofid has a reputation when it comes to the gluteal augmentation industry for introducing a superior gluteal implant that has improved ratios and provides better intramuscular positioning compared to the earlier alternatives. He has a deep insight into the human body, especially the muscle system, skin and fat which puts him at an advantage when it comes to performing gluteal augmentation.

Mark Mofid is recognized for his commitment to research, adhering to safety and embracing innovation. He remains an industry leader that values the safety of the patient more than the money that they bring which makes him an extraordinary human being.