Madison Street Capital Continues Proving Why it is the Best Financial Advisory Service Provider

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In an attempt to optimize its capital structure, ARES Security Corporation undertook a minority equity and subordinated debt investment early this year. The Vienna-based risk management company got the minority recapitalization from Corbel Structured Equity Partners. Announcing the transaction, CEO Charles Botchway of Madison Street Capital (MSC) revealed that his firm was the exclusive financial advisor for ARES during the recapitalization process. Reginald McGaugh, the senior managing head at MSC, led the transaction that took place on January 10, 2017.


Reginald’s opinions


Speaking afterward, Reginald McGaugh expressed his gratitude for getting the honor of leading the transaction. He gave special regards to President Ben Eazzetta of ARES Security Corporation for giving him the chance to work with him. Reginald commended the management team together with the board of ARES for their commitment towards the growth of the firm. He thanked everyone at ARES for choosing Madison as their financing partner.


Ben Eazzetta’s Sentiments


Ben Eazzetta, on the other hand, recognized the services given to his firm by Madison Street Capital throughout last year. He appreciated the entire team at Madison for playing a vital role in making the recapitalization process a success. He noted that the investment banking firm had given his company all the necessary assistance during the capital raising process and the valuation analysis.


About their new capital structure, Ben Eazzetta was optimistic about the firm’s future. He could not hide his excitement after ARES Security made such a significant stride towards satisfying their quest for an optimal capital structure. He noted that the partnership with Corbel Structured Equity Partners would go a long way in helping them to achieve a significant equity value. Corbel brought with it some notable contacts within the industry, which will steer further ARES’s sales momentum.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital was established 12 years ago as an investment-banking firm in Chicago, Illinois. Madison is privately owned and has a presence in several countries in Africa, North America, and Asia. The company specializes in offering corporate financial advisory as well as business valuation services.


Over the years, Madison Street Capital has continued to build strong bonds with its clients, both private and public companies. It is also dedicated to helping the emerging businesses to grow in terms of assets. The firm’s professional and dedicated team has earned a lot of admiration in all corners of the world.

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  1. Ben, who is likewise an investor at ARES Security, affirmed that Madison would stay as their financing accomplice. Madison Street Capital notoriety flourishes because of the organization’s driving edge budgetary warning arrangements. It is not a very cool thing and review and that is something so serious for them all to understand what is going on for them.