Lovaganza Celebrations Unite the World

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Based on a humanitarian mission, the Lovaganza celebrations is a humanitarian forum focused on providing the world with immersive entertainment for personal inspiration. The Lovaganza celebrations focus on fostering unity, peace, love, and resource creation for the less fortunate in the societies. Although the Lovaganza celebrations are categorized into two, the agenda is to connect different cultures through excellent entertainment using hi-tech devices such as 3D movies to aggravate global impact.

The organizers of the Lovaganza celebrations announced that the groundbreaking show would start in August 2016. An example of Lovaganza’s entertainment package is the immerscope, an immersive experience where participants and viewers watch movies, shows, arts, and cultural exhibitions. The films will be in the form of 3D wraparound screens. Additionally, 360 degrees screen will also be used during the road pavilions. The immersive entertainment and cognitive approach to the Lovaganza celebrations focus on popularizing the world’s cultures through an interactive forum.

Here are the three themes of the Lovaganza celebrations;

• Lovaganza 2020 based on unity
• Lovaganza 2025 based on peace
• Lovaganza 2030 based on abundance

The Lovaganza 2020 will present its ultimate celebration through entertainment to mark a new chapter in the human history referred to as BETA WORLD. According to the Lovaganza organizers, the only way to creating a healthy and prosperous world is through unity. Unity connects peoples’ different traditional practices through community forums such as entertainment and cultural exhibitions. The Lovaganza celebrations are scheduled for May to September 2020 under the theme “The Bohemian Fair.”

The Lovaganza celebrations comprise of classic affairs through the initiation of Cinerama touch. The Lovaganza celebrations will be held in eight locations across the world. Furthermore, the festivities will showcase different world’s art, music, and dance through live events and films. Genevieve Gagnon and J.F are the organizers of the Lovaganza celebrations. Although the Lovaganza was scheduled for 2015, it was pushed to 2020 to integrate the latest technologies and advanced concepts. Through hi-tech equipment and advanced concepts, the Lovaganza celebration ranks as the ninth wonder of the world.

Lovaganza’s organizers hope to unite the world by representing the reminiscent of the world’s bygone error through filming and live events.

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