Louis Chenevert’s leadership at UTC

Published on Author RM2000

Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of United Technologies Industries. His tenure as the CEO lasted for six years. He ran between 2008 and 2014. It is in these years that he managed to do everything that he wanted with his career. He had managed to lead the company in growing its business activities and becoming profitable at a time when many business were collapsing due to global financial crisis. Before he was appointed CEO, Louis Chenevert was still working in the business but as the president of one of the companies under UTC. UTC is a conglomerate business that has many companies running under it. Now Chenevert was leading one of them known as Pratt &Whitney. This is a company that dealt with the production of jet engines.

The work that Louis Chenevert did with Pratt & Whitney, as well as UTC, had a great impact on the growth of the business. Pratt Whitney is making profits even at a time when other companies are making losses. It has always been that business that is able to lead the rest. The good thing with Louis Chenevert is that he realized what needed to drive the company. He knew the technology was a big factor in the development of the company and he, therefore, made sure that the company invested in innovative technology.

It is during the reign of Louis Chenevert that UTC started production of Geared Turbofan Engine. This is an innovation that has helped the company making huge profits. It is the best jet engine currently with the least fuel consumption rate and has the least effect on the environment, under the leadership of Louis Chenevert this engine was manufactured with $10 billion. Some executive in the canopy had doubted the viability of the investment but as it would turn, it would be the best business winner for the company.

Louis Chenevert has left the industry with a great name. He has been recognized by the various organization for his contribution to the aerospace industry. He took over the management of UTC and made it the best company in the aerospace industry and a top manufacturer of the top quality equipment. UTC also has businesses that manufacture elevator, air condition equipment among many others.