Looking At the Copa Star Close Up

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On Copa Cabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, there is a new seven-story building that has succeeded in gaining a lot of attention from passersby and others who wonder about the building. It is not a five star hotel, but it looks like one. It is a hospital called the Copa Star.

After three years in the construction phase, the hospital was completed. It unifies the ideas of quality, luxury, and sophistication in a hospital.

It is touted as an energy-efficient hospital, using far less energy for air conditioning and in operating its electronic medical equipment. It was constructed using the best and newest in architectural design and materials to save energy.

One can not help but notice the grand piano in the lobby, and the artwork by Yakuta Toyota throughout the hospital. These are unusual items for a hospital, just like the luxurious sofas and chairs in the lobby.

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The hospital also boasts a five star restaurant instead of a simple cafeteria for the visitors. It was designed by a world renowned chef, and the menu reflects his tastes.

The patients also are treated differently at Copa Star. Instead of drab patient’s rooms, these rooms are luxurious suites. The lighting, drapes, and air conditioning are controlled by the patient through the use of an Ipad. The patient is giving an Ipad to use to talk with the staff, the nurses, and the doctor. The patient can carry on video conferences with the doctors, and the doctors can even show the patient the results of tests on the Ipad.

The most sophisticated and technologically advanced surgery techniques and instruments are used in the operating rooms. These operating rooms have many instruments that are robot controlled, and the doctors can use these machines for tests during surgery.

The intensive care units are designed to make the patient feel better. They have access to large screen, live video of the corridors in the hospital, the street scenes below, or even the goings-on at the beach.

The Copa Star was designed and constructed, and is operated by a company called D’or (Rede D’Or São Luiz) and is the basic brainchild of the president Jorge Moll. A number of new hospitals like the Copa Star are being planned, especially in Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

The Copa Star looks like an expensive, five-star hotel. In reality, it is a sophisticated, luxurious hospital with quality and high-tech, luxury care for the patients. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

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  1. I do not need to mention that the Copa Star has proven that you cannot get enough of the care that they have promised. where the view is perfectly clear to people it becomes the basic selling point in the outfit. Up till now, a lot of experts are taking this to the next level as well since this is where you can see it progressing.