Living Legacy and Life of Roberto Santiago

Published on Author RM2000

Roberto Santiago was raised in the beautiful city of Joao Pessoa, it is the easternmost spot in the Americas, famously known as the city where the sun rises first. He attended Pio X Marist College and was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at an early age when he began a cartonnage company. The young Roberto designed and manufactured cardboard cartons which he then, in turn, supplied to companies as a wholesaler. Finding success in this business he soon would find his way in real estate. In 1988 he purchased an enormous plot of land and the following year began the development of what would become the crown jewel of his many business endeavors. 1989 found Santiago building what would become known around the world as one of the best malls in Brazil if not the world, Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall took two years to complete and once completed it featured the biggest concert hall in the area; which can hold up to 4,000 patrons at a time if sitting and over 10,000 if standing. The Domus Hall can be seen from the sky because it is housed on the rooftop of Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall also houses well over three hundred stores and shopping areas, an electronic amusement park, with over two hundred games that range in levels of difficulty. The mall host areas for graduations, weddings, parties and any other endeavor that may be hosted there.

In 2014 Santiago went on to open the Manaira Shopping Center. He didn’t stop there he took his Midas touch on into sports, having won a trophy in the kart championship and motorcross racing competitions. He is an aggressive man when it comes to business and believes in carpa diem, seizing every moment of divine opportunity that crosses his path. He has come a long way since the beginning of his little cartonnage company; he has grown his business and brand into something that receives respect when spoken of in the business world and by his many admirers. His legacy continues to grow as he conquers sports, business, real estate, mentoring and trading. The future looks bright for this legend.