Kevin Seawright Improving The City

Published on Author RM2000

In the city of Baltimore, Kevin Seawright is a public financial leader with RPS Solutions, and a previous Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Newark Economic Development. The mission at RPS Solutions is to help people qualify for mortgages in a city that has not be so desirable, when it comes to the housing market. Teaming up with a company known as RPS Solutions, Seawright wants to change the atmosphere of real estate in Baltimore, looking for ways for those wanting to move where a neighborhood isn’t so dangerous, even though they might not be able to be eligible for finance, because of their current credit situation.

Additionally, when you take that into account, utilizing his services may open that door to a new home that you didn’t even expect, because of his experience in the housing market. One thing Kevin is known for, is his ability to command new opportunities for the community, and having the vision to strategize his business goals to their benefit, using his financial expertise. During the span of his career Seawright has built an impressive rapport with not only his staff, but with clients, leaders, cross functional managers, and constituents. See This Page for more info.

For privately-owned companies, he has an extensive resume working as a financial director, and also as a public accountant where he managed public funds, starting with the recreation department for the parks in the city. Working for public school systems, he was the supervisor in restructuring how the money was utilized in the city, bringing improvements to transportation, while at the same time was able to give more resources to those who were administering the whole process.

The biggest accomplishment I would say for Kevin Seawright is being responsible for $600,000,000 in capital towards educational facilities projects construction in his professional career. His business model is to create positive relationships with not only within a city to succeed, but by branching out and building partnerships that will last on a state level as well.

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