Julia Jackson: Wine Enthusiast, Businesswoman, and Visionary

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Julia Jackson was raised in a wine family. She is the youngest daughter of the late Jess Jackson, who was a prominent representative in the wine industry and founded Jackson Family Wines. In 2006, she attended Scripps College, an all women’s liberal arts college in Claremont, California. Four years later, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree for Studio Arts. Today, Julia Jackson is the Spokesperson for her family’s wine company. She also co-founded Rex Apps, which is a useful, modern app that spreads fast information and reviews about bars and restaurants across the nation.

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As a well-educated business-woman who has grown up in the wine industry, Julia’s wine critiques hold weight. Julia argues that Sonoma California is the best place to drink Cabernet wines. Julia sees the potential in Sonoma’s wine industry, and believes it is just beginning. Her encouragement for Sonoma has given the place recognition and credibility as a place for wine.

Julia’s passion is not limited to the wine business, however. Her mother’s perseverance and diligence in the business world inspired Julia to found Cambria Seeds of Empowerment in 2014. This is a program that seeks to empower women, by recognizing the strength and capability of women as leaders, and by affirming women who have pushed through difficult circumstances. Julia sees the excellence that women can offer as leaders, and is passionate about sharing this vision.

Julia grew up with the passion for wine and an interest in French culture, which is at the heart of wine-making. Throughout her youth, between school and activities, she worked for her family’s wineries, and her father instilled in her an appreciation for hard work. Today, Julia’s family business is still successful, distributing brands such as Champ de Rêves, Copain, and Edmeades, and producing wines across the globe.