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Origins and Development

In 1998 The sovereign Society began as a Publishing company offering advice for investors. Today it has over 400K daily subscribers. The publications focus on different sectors of the market where the editors believe there are opportunities for their investors or the investors need to maneuver thru to avoid loss of their investment: options, stocks, undervalued companies as well as natural resources and commodities.


In 2016 there was a change in the name as well as a re-branding that took place. The company began to offer more actionable stock picks and other unknown investment opportunities which were not readily available outside of the expert financial world. The rebranding started to turn to help the everyday American who had little to no understanding of how Wall Street worked and to educate form the group up thru its newsletters, conference, and videos. The concept of leading others to “total wealth” became part of the rebranding of the focus of Banyan Hill Publishing.

Origin of the Name

Banyan Hill’s name is received from the Banyan tree, which is known as the largest canopied or shaded tree in the world reaching areas of up to 420 feet and heights of 80 feet and covers nearly 5 acres. The most massive Banyan tree has been growing since the time of Johann Sebastian Bach (1750) and grows today in the Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden near Calcutta, India. The “Great Banyan” has 2800 “aerial roots,” which bore themselves into the ground and sustain the limbs above. Banyan Hill, a metaphor for the coverage of support offered by the experts who write for Banyan Publishing thru their extensive experience as well as practical wisdom in investing. Read more articles by Jeff Yastine at Banyan Hill.

Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is an editorial director for Banyan Hill Publishing. Mr. Yastine began working with Banyan Hill in 2015. He has over two decades of related experience, which advanced him to be one of the expert advisors at Banyan HIill. Jeff Yastine is key on advancing his clients understanding of the contemporary trends in the economy, the financial world, and business. He also highlights the opportunities which have been communicated to him by the editors of Banyan Hill investors.

Emmy-nominated Reporter

Jeff Yastine had plenty of experience as a Television anchor and was a regular correspondent for PBS Nightly Report from 1994-2010. Jeff Yastine has had the opportunity to have interviews with many of the world’s most honored and distinguished investors: Warren Buffett, Bill Gross, and Sir Richard Branson.

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