Jeff Yastine Believes Mergers and Acquisitions are a Major Threat to Amazon

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Banyan Hill Publishing’s editorial director, Jeff Yastine, is an expert on investing and economic issues, and he recently recommended three stocks that he believes will not succumb to Amazon’s dominance, while also providing investors with a solid boost to their portfolios. This belief is based on the fact that these companies are already solidified, having a substantial client base, as well as the fact that they may be up for acquisition due to recent drops in stock price. In December of 2017, Mr. Yastine published an article that highlighted the growing trend of mergers and acquisitions that are due to change the stock market in 2018, presenting savvy investors with a myriad of lucrative opportunities for the incoming year. This prediction was immediately proven to be true, as Embraer, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, saw a one-third increase in their stock value once talks of a merger with Boeing began to surface. Learn more on about Jeff  Yastine


According to Jeff Yastine, Kroger is a company to watch due to the fact that its visibility as a grocery store chain could place it in direct competition with Whole Foods, which was recently acquired by Amazon. When talks of the Amazon acquisition surfaced, Kroger saw a dip of about one-third in terms of stock value, but the grocery store chain has a significant presence in the world of supermarkets, operating about 3,000 stores nationally. In 2018, Kroger plans to implement automated checkout systems, which would allow them to compete with Amazon due to the decreased cost of overhead expenses.

eBay is another company that Jeff Yastine has his eye on, as they currently have a substantial audience that is supremely diverse, and it is currently one of the highest ranking online auction sites in existence. eBay is currently in the position to challenge Amazon in some areas of the retail sector, and if it were to be acquired by a powerhouse such as Google, it would become quite the formidable opponent. The online auction site could also benefit from Google’s search results, which would provide free advertising.

Grainger is the next company in line to challenge Amazon, despite the fact that shareholders feared that it wouldn’t be able to compete. It currently has a strong infrastructure in place, with distribution and storage facilities throughout the United States, and if acquired by a company seeking to challenge Amazon for the throne of supremacy, it would provide a number of beneficial assets.