Jeff Herman Provides Insight Into Life And Legal Practice

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As founder of Herman Law, Jeff Herman proudly represents the interests of victims that have have been subjected to sexual abuse and exploitation. Herman Law is nationally recognized as a leader in the nation at addressing these issues and the entire practice of the firm is dedicated to the cause.

Jeff Herman recently took a moment to discuss elements of his life and practice.


How Do You Maintain Organized And Efficient While Dealing With Such Complex Cases

Jeff Herman have learned from experience that it is important to streamline the facts of a case and to narrow the issues to the simplest terms. and his team are diligent regarding documentation of facts and make sure information is accurate before moving forward. Herman is a very visual person, so it helps to use a whiteboard to draw a timeline for cases.


How Has The Recent Victim’s Empowerment Movement Affected Your Practice

He’s very grateful for the environment that exists in our society today, especially online, that supports victims of sexual exploitation and seeks to empower them rather than further victimize them. That being said, it is still difficult for Jeff Herman to hear of these abuses each time a new individual comes forward with their story.


How Do You Balance The Rigors Of Your Practice

An unfortunate truth of my job is that he encounters the worst aspects of humanity. It is very difficult to speak to the victims that he has encountered and not walk away with a broken heart. In the not too distant past, Herman was facing the very real possibility of having to retire from this line of work because he is beginning to get physically ill because of it. He credits biometric training with allowing him to endure the horrible side of my work and continue to help clients find the justice they so rightfully deserve. Through this training, Jeff Herman have learned to understand the feelings of his clients without being consumed emotionally.


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Do You Have Any Advice For Young Prospective Attorneys

The long hours and heavy workload of attorney’s mandate that they have a sincere passion for their work. Jeff has seen countless lawyers leave the field because the work is larger than their passion. Jeff Herman’s advice to young people wanting to be lawyers is to take some time to find what really drives you and go at it wholeheartedly. Go Here for more information.