How You Can Find Good Stocks To Buy With A Few Pointers From Paul Mampilly

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There’s a lot of investment opportunities out there that most anyone including those without deep pockets can get into including buying stocks at good prices. Most investments over 20 years ago had to go through brokerage firms and big banks, and many middle class investors were likely to stay away from those because of the fees they charged. But you don’t have to go through those agents today because so many online outlets exist for buying stocks, and you likely will only need a few pointers about where to buy stocks, and one person that’s giving those pointers is Paul Mampilly. Mampilly is the author of three newsletters on investment information known as “Profits Unlimited,” “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum.” Read this article for more info.

Paul Mampilly shares information in these newsletters about which company stocks are likely to take off and should be bought before their prices start going up. Companies that Mampilly has bought in in their early stage include Facebook, Netflix and Sarepta Therapeutics, the latest of which he bought in 2012 and saw gains exceeding 1,000%. Mampilly makes investment terminology easy to understand in his newsletters, and the newsletters cost much less than what you’ll find elsewhere. He also allows his followers to see his portfolio in video tutorials that he puts together.

Paul Mampilly looks back at his time in banking and investment firms both in a positive light, but also believing he could have arrived where he is today by going another route. After finishing college, he worked in research and later in administrative management in several of New York’s top banks. He was also a major figure at Kinetics International Fund for several years where he was tasked with investment strategies for high net worth clients and even managed foreign investments for the Royal Bank of Scotland and a Swiss Bank at the firm. His insights in the markets put him in the spotlight of Barron’s and also made him a featured guest on both CNBC and the Fox Business Network. Watch Paul Mampilly on youtube.

Paul Mampilly retired from his professional career in 2012 but wanted to keep investing and using the internet media as the new way to give middle class Americans advice. He chose Banyan Hill as the organization to write for because their mission was to offer sound investment advice backed by legitimate research and good ethics in journalism. Not long after “Profits Unlimited” made its debut, Banyan Hill reported over 60,000 subscribers to it.

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