How Rocketship Education Students Recommit To Their Educations At The Start Of Each Year

Published on Author RM2000

Many people make resolutions to start off each new year. Students at Rocketship Education are no different and some of them resolve to try even harder each January. Rocketship Education, which is a nonprofit organization that has a chain of charter schools, has an excellent reputation for having some really great students who are eager to learn. They willingly learn new habits that which will take them far in their education and life in general.

Like any school, though, some students at Rocketship Education schools fall behind. The beginning of January is a great time to address this. There is still plenty of time left in the school year to get back on track through changes such as study habit upgrades or asking for additional help. Some also pledge to not miss as many classes which is the reason they have fallen behind their peers.

By learning good habits early in life – Rocketship Education is a K-5th grade organization – students learn early the habits which will get them through challenging college-level coursework. This will also help them stand out in their chosen profession in regards to their peers. One of the skills Rocketship Education students makes resolutions about is time management which is critical for both educational, professional, and life goals.

The school staff and student’s peers also support each individual student at these charter schools. They have a holistic experience during the school day which carries over into their homes. This develops into a feedback loop where the positive things as school after their home lives and visa versa.

The very first Rocketship Education school was established in 2006 in San Diego, California. There are now a number of these charter schools across America. It is led by Preston Smith who was a co-founder of this company and is now the chief executive officer. These schools are placed in underserved communities where public schools are underperforming so they provide a great alternative to families in the area. So far they have schools in California as well as Washington D.C., Nashville, and Milwaukee with more planned to being opened in the coming years.