How Glen Wakeman has changed millions of lives through his business prowess

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Understanding of the economy

Glen Wakeman has been very influential in reading the economic times and sharing his thoughts about them. There are millions of people who need insight about the state of the economy and helping them understand the times is the best thing that an individual can do. Usually, people need to start up businesses and help them develop as they go along. In an interview with Glen Wakeman, the business expert asserts that with the right information, people can have the best ideas and ways in which the can be developed.

Choosing to go with blogging

Other than owning one of the most successful businesses, Glen Wakeman is a blogger. His blogs are very specific on businesses and giving people advice on how to go about their daily challenges. Usually, most people that own businesses find it hard to share their thoughts on a blog. Their nature of getting information is through the reading of books. The world’s culture currently has reduced the influence of books in the current life. People prefer to go for internet sources than to purchase books for them to read. Having understood the nature of the market, Glen chose to use his blogs so that he could reach millions of people who cannot access books.

Creating employment and giving back to the community

Creating a company that has more than 17000 employees is not an easy thing (People.Equillar). Glen Wakeman has employed thousands of people, and this has enabled them to change their lives. Giving people jobs is one of the surest ways of giving back to the community. He has one of the best management policies where the employees are made to feel like part of the company. The terms of employment are very flexible. Glen has a soft spot for people with innovative ideas. In his blogs, he advocates for innovation as such people help in the growth of the company. His relationship with his employees is not quite formal as he borrows lots of ideas from the employees. According to Glen, getting the right employees is treating the individual employees right. Results will flow after a stable relationship is created.

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