Gregory James Aziz’s Excellence, Dedication, Passion, and Innovation

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1Ontario born, Gregory James Aziz is the President, Chairman, and CEO National Steel Car, a top global rail freight car manufacturer. After receiving an Economics degree from the University of Western Ontario, Greg joined Affiliated Foods, in 1971. The family-run company experienced significant growth over the 16-year period that Greg Aziz was in the business. Affiliated Foods became a global importer of fresh foods from Central America, Europe, and South America and distributed to leading fresh food wholesale markets in the US and Eastern Canada.


Greg Aziz later ventured into investment banking in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. In 1994, Greg structured the acquisition of the National Steel Car from Dofasco. He purposed to transform the one-time leading Canadian Company into the top railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. Since its founding in 1912, the National Steel Car had faced ups and downs and had changed ownership severally.


With a clear objective in mind, Gregory Aziz worked around highlighting National Steel’s main strengths and sealing any loopholes. Greg focused on three primary areas; the team, engineering capabilities, and capital investments. National Steel Car’s production capacity increased to 12,000 cars annually by 1994 from 3500 annually. At the same time, the number of employees grew from 3000 to 6000. Greg Aziz acknowledged the need for the people in building an excellent brand. As such he created a diverse, value-conscious, dynamic, and innovative team. Greg also encourages the team to persistently set the trends, challenge each other as well as to focus on the company mission and purpose. As a result, National Steel Car became a trusted brand, known for its quality, timely delivery, and unique customer services.


National Steel Car is a leader in new car innovation and manufacturing due to the company’s consistent pursuit of excellence in the field. For over 18 years now, National Steel Car is the pioneer and only company in the sector that has the ISP 9001:2008. National Steel Car is a regular recipient of the TTX SECO award since 1996. Refer to This Page.


Currently, Greg James Aziz uses the company’s past success as a motivator for future success. He intends to continue leading the company in its commitment to greatness and the customers.


The Hamilton community has benefited from various initiatives of the National Steel Car. The company sponsors numerous programs and charities in the area that focus on arts, culture, and education. Gregory and Irene Aziz sponsor Canadian Agricultural Fair, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.