Gregory Aziz: Holding The Keys To Success In The Rail Car Industry!

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Gregory James Aziz is the chief executive officer, president and chairman of one of the most renowned engineering and manufacturing companies that has ever operated in Canada. Successfully functioning for over a hundred years, National Steel Car is a leading producer and specialist in railroad rolling stock. National Steel Car, to this day continues to invest in its commodities, employees, community and strong foundation. They offer the absolute finest rail stock including Super Duty Box, Jumbo Box, Center beam, Coal, Flat, Gondola, Covered Hopper, Open Top Hopper, Intermodal Spine and Intermodal Well Cars. National Steels commitment to high-quality workmanship has earned them many distinguished awards and recognitions. Among their competitors in the Industrial railroad trade they are ranked third in terms of production and distinguished as the only rail company to obtain their ISO 9001:2008 certifications in North America. In addition, they have been awarded the prestigious TTX SECO award for an astonishing 10 years straight. In an ever-evolving trade, National Steel Car has continuously committed itself to innovative growth and superior production performance. The company’s railroad products are fabricated on state-of-the-art manufacturing lines with the most up-to-date equipment methods including robotics construction and other inventive applications.


James Aziz originated from London, Ontario having been birthed on April 30th,1949. He received his economic degree from the University of Western Ontario. Gregory Aziz has extensive foreknowledge and council in the business and banking industry, as well as the rolling stock trade. He has had many successful business ventures that saw great profitable capital returns before signing on with National Steel Car in the 1980s and 1990s. Together with this and his business acumen he was afforded the acquisition of National Steel Car and immediately increased production volume and capital expanding the company’s employment numbers from 600 to a staggering 3,000. He accomplished this by changing what the company had been producing to exclusive freight cars. Click Here For More Info


Greg James Aziz, apart from being an accomplished entrepreneur is also very generous in philanthropic deeds and has supported many notable causes and organizations including the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, the United Way, Theatre Aquarius and Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The Royal is the biggest conjoined indoor agricultural fair and intercontinental equestrian competition worldwide. They also have provided thousands of jobs with high compensation and benefits to Canadian communities. Since its establishment in 1912, National Steel Car has designed and produced rail cars that surpass the evolving requirements and standards of their clients. Through resilient leadership, superior engineering skills, determined principles and marketing with profitable ventures, Aziz has taken National Steel Car from medium-grade performance levels to thriving excellence! National Steel Car leads the Rail car industrial trade in both design and manufacturing!