Gregory Aziz-CEO and President of National Steel Car

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National Steel Car is led by a chief executive officer known as Gregory James Aziz. National Steel Car is an engineering company that manufactures railroad freight cars. The company also manufactures tank cars. It is the biggest company in the industry. The company is also the leading company in the region in the supply of these products. National Steel Car was established to address the demand of railways products in the beginning of the last century. National Steel Car was established in 1912 as Imperial Car Inc. The company began on a very good start. It managed to bring in huge profits that would be used by the then management to develop it further.



National Steel Car is leading company in the region. It has been performing very well since it is current management have been very keen on expansion of the company. The current management under Gregory J Aziz has been doing very well and has been the best period in the history of this company. National Steel Car has been in the industry for long enough. It has been through up and downs. The economic challenges and technological challenges have been huge in the last century. Despite all the challenges that the company has emerged strong. It has beaten all other companies in the industry.



National Steel Car under the management of Greg Aziz performed very well. Its production capacity of the company has improved. Greg Aziz managerial skills have been key to the growth of the company. As an expert in Economic studies, he has managed to use his knowledge in making the company grow. He has known how to manage a company that has not been doing very well. His work with National Steel Car is one that is to be admired. He took over the management when the company was performing dismally. He, however, managed to make the company grow into one of the biggest.

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About Greg Aziz



Greg Aziz is a Canadian who has been an entrepreneur in North America. He is one of the best. He has accomplished so much as a business leader. He was born in Ontario in 1949. His economics degree is from the University of Western of Ontario. Earlier he had attended another institution known as Ridley College. He worked for a foods business company known as Affiliated foods. This is a company that was owned by his family. He applied his expertise and made Affiliated foods the biggest importer of foods in North America.

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